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About The Game

Do I have to pay a fee to play?
Do I need to register for the game?
Will Felankor and İsilion be active?
Will I be able to enter from foreign regions?
Whats Level Cap?
Whats Upgrade Cap?
Is it compulsory to download the client?
Will Krowaz and UTC be in the game?
I am at 83lv %100 exp. How can i use rebith system?
How to use Character seal scroll
How do I get a dog out and how to change a dog skin?
How to make golden mattock broken?
How to use job change scroll.
How can i change my nation?
I bought KC from one of the sites you have agreed with. How can I upload it?
Will my skills turn off when I use job change?
Is it free to reset skill and stat?
Can I reset my e-mail?


Is Kurian & Portu active?
I am playing archer right now. If I open the archer's 70 skill, will my 70 skills remain open when I am assassin?...

Core Features

What is your anti-cheat system?

Technical questions

Game closes shortly after opening
I am getting "There is an error in the selected server" what should i do?
Where can I buy cash?
I forgot my password lock and I want to reset what should I do?
What can we do in situations such as hacking, peeling, stealing items?


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